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Doctor Strange (2016) English


The old neurologist begins the healing journey only to be drawn to the world of mysterious art.

Director: Scott Derrickson

Filmmakers: John Spiehts, Scott Derrickson

Actors: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chivetel Echiofor, Rachel McAdams

Type: Practical Adventures Fantasy Science Stories

Country: USA


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Another quality entertainment, decided to make the best version for the arrival style,

this will hit the upcoming rejected version of cross-subbed, no need for anything else.


The quality was very good, the film was very black, so it was divided into pieces and adjusted rgb and brightness as needed on stage.

The results are as complete and intuitive as they should be.

removed all video tags from video and audio, especially security.


Video: 720×304 @bitrate 1800 2pass

Audio: English AC3 Stereo

Example: yes, included

PS: The rules do not apply, woman 20, Paterson anyone?

Doctor Strange 2016

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